Animated Projects

The Cool Beans: We Need a Hit

In this exciting new adventure, The Cool Beans have spent all they have producing their first song in hopes of landing a recording contract with the Kernel, the biggest man in the music business. 


WFM Services produced this 4 minute 3D animated short for Alpha Toys Inc. that teaches children how to spell. We had a great time bringing life to their colorful characters and their imaginative world.

Club Kidoo

WFM Services produced this 9 minute 3D animated short from script to screen in 2008 for Makin’ Fun, Inc. of Montclair, New Jersey. Join Kid, Rhonda Roo, Lucy and Dingo as they tackle all of the the amazing educational adventures that the outback has to offer.

Carolina’s Promise

WFM Services produced this 90 second spot to kick off the University of South Carolina’s fundraising campaign. This CG portrayal of their beloved “Cocky” marks the first major college mascot to be translated into the 3d space in this way.