Raceville USA

Raceville USA introduces us to Timmy and his mother Chance, as they make their much anticipated return to the small town of New Hope, MI, a place centered on racing and cloaked in tragedy. In New Hope Timmy must not only come to terms with the loss of his father, but also make a name for himself in a town full of both expectations and doubts. 

Who says Timmy Can’t Play?

12 year old Timmy loves to dream big. He wants to be the greatest race car driver ever, just like his father. He has an infectious smile and an even bigger heart. He loves his family, especially his Uncle Renner. He’s excited about moving back home to New Hope, so he can make his dreams of racing come true, and all this from the confines of his wheelchair.

The Adventures of Kevin Bonbevin

WFM Services Illustrated this children’s book series for Makin’ Fun, Inc. of Montclair, New Jersey. 7 year-old Kevin Bonbevin goes to incredible magical worlds through the power of his imagination. Join in on the fun in the beautifully illustrated Sail Away and Fly Away.